Our Team

Veda Karvir

Chief Technology Officer

Veda is an astute web-application developer and technology enthusiast, with an extensive 13+ years of diverse IT experience, serving a variety of clients from multiple business sectors like Pharmaceutical, Banking, Retail, and small/medium sized businesses. She graduated in Computer Systems and worked on breadths of technologies from Mainframes to evolving Web solutions. She is also an expert Database administrator and a certified ITIL process geek.

During her IT tenure, she managed small to medium sized IT firms by working at multiple locations in India as well as in the UK while serving multiple clients across US, Europe, and Asia. With her diverse cultural acclimatization and variety of business exposure, she bestowed unique skills in understanding complex business requirements and coming up with the tailormade business solutions. Along with extensive technical acumen, she has also founded her own company in India and prior to BigBoost, she worked as a Director of Web Development division of a UK based firm.

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