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5 Quick Tips To Be Seen As The Go-To Health Expert

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: January 09, 2019

I have five quick tips for you to be seen as the go-to health expert in your community. You have to understand that in the absence of your audience meeting you in person whether they are an existing patient, they meet you at an event or a meetup, people will use what you post online as a substitute to form an opinion about you.

So it's very important that they see what you post on social media, on your website, in your emails, in your videos that it makes sense, and resonates with them.

1. You have to make sure that your audience understands what you stand for. Whatever shape or form that takes, you can't be hiding in the sea of saying this, you have to take a stand and really go on record of what you stand for, and so that can be in a very positive way that you talk about naturopathic, or integrative, or functional medicine and how that's different, and how it's more maybe, preferable.

2. You got to rail against somebody else, a common enemy. It could be a big farmer, it could be an insurance company, the government. Who is the global enemy number one for your target audience? And by analogy, they see you railing against this, and by you calling them out, that's how they understand that,

3. You have to talk about what they should be doing. So if in tip number two, we talked about you have to rail against the system, and tell them how insane it is to rely on health care, insurance, et cetera. Then you have to also turn around, and give them positive guidance.

Okay, what do I want you to do? In terms of how you live your life, how you do balance body and mind, stress. All the things that you know are important in functional, and integrative medicine.

4. Post testimonials and case studies. So ultimately your prospects, your patients will resonate with you if they see that you get the results for other people just like them. Other people in terms of age range, of conditions, you show them the outcomes that you get for your clients.

Obviously, you and I know that it's ultimately a client that is doing the work. But you are the guide, the shepherd to help them accomplish this result, and so you got to talk about these case studies. Whether having people on camera with you, posting testimonial snippets that they're posted on Facebook, et cetera. But they have to be something that has proof of results that your approach is working.

5. Walk the talk. So you can't just be telling people to do this, do that. You have to also demonstrate that you're doing it as a practitioner. If you're thinking about all these lifestyle factors, show them that you eat healthily, you shop healthy. How you shop, how you and drink. How you exercise, how you meditate and de-stress, how you sleep. You got to share these things in your social media, your content marketing because people need to see that you are a living, and breathing example of what they should be doing. It's like here is a doctor that actually does what he recommends his patients to do.

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Uli Iserloh
As one of the leading marketing strategists in the integrative/functional medicine space, Uli Iserloh has been advising many of today’s leaders on marketing strategy and marketing technology for over 23 years — helping health practitioners increase new patient enrollment predictably… even if they cringe at selling, hate to be on social media 24/7 or have never run paid ads. Uli Iserloh is on a mission to equip health & wellness professionals to consistently pre-educate prospects into patients… largely on autopilot. After 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he founded Big Boost Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency serving many of today’s Functional & Integrative Medicine leaders. He’s the host of the Getting To YES podcast as well as the co-creator of the Evolution of Medicine Practice Accelerator.


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