Working with health practitioners, I oftentimes get asked, why do perspective patients question my pricing?

Or why are patients not ready and excited to get started on care?

Or why do I have to keep selling people on the fact that I can help them?

Well, if that applies to you in your practice, the answer may be that you’re missing a key ingredient, and that’s called preeminence. Preeminence, in a nutshell, is this state of being known as the go-to choice for achieving a certain result for your patients. You could become the go-to choice for IBS in your community, for instance.

For you to have preeminence, you need two key ingredients before you can actually create it.

First part is being clear who your ideal patient avatar is. Because let’s face it, your patients are inundated with thousands of messages each day. If you’re not clear on who to focus on, who your target market is, it’s going to be very hard to establish the messaging and the language of what you need to say to be relevant to them.

The second point is, what content is relevant to them? Because for you to attract their attention, you need to be talking about stuff that’s relevant, of interest to them, right?

So, if you know who you’re talking to, and you know what their interested in, what’s relevant for them, what they’re struggling with, then it becomes a lot easier to create preeminence.

I hope this was helpful. I would love to know from you in the comments, what you would like to learn about preeminence and how to become the go-to choice in your community. And we’ll create some training videos around it.

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