As 2021 is winding down, it's natural to look ahead of what next year has in store. If you have not yet downloaded your personal copy of my State of Functional Medicine Marketing 2022 report, then I encourage you to grab your copy right now.

In planning for 2022, I suggest that you start with the foundations. It doesn't matter what platform you are focusing on – whether it's Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other social media platform – just like in functional medicine, it's better to start from a solid foundation.

In this video, I will talk about the five pillars that make up the foundations for an effective practice marketing strategy and how you can apply it to your practice.

If you've always felt that marketing is inherently "sleazy" or "salesy", then pay close attention to pillar #5 that will cure that notion once and for all!

Upcoming Training

If you'd like to go deeper on how to plan for 2022, then join me in my upcoming training. I will go deeper on these five strategic pillars as well as:

✅ How the pandemic changed the private practice marketing forever and what you can do right now to shift towards a much more powerful approach for 2022.
✅ Why the fortune is indeed in the follow-up
✅ Three specific steps you can use to fast track functional medicine ready prospects into discovery calls.
✅ My 80/20 rule for Functional Medicine Marketing and what that means for your email marketing.
✅ And lastly, the mental shift you need to make to fill your practice to capacity.

To join, simply register your seat here...

And for those that want more specific help, I invite you to claim your free practice health checkup, because I believe you can't fix something unless you understand what's exactly broken. To unleash your practice's true potential, simply claim your free checkup here.

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