Our Team

Uli Iserloh PhD


Drew De Grado

Project Manager/COO

Veda Kavir

Project Manager/CTO

Nicolai Cuevos

Project Manager

John Bracchitta

Client Success Manager

Nicole Villamora

Client Success Manager

Jaymit Ghadiya

Front End Developer

Miko Loseo

Front End Developer

Mansi Pintto

Front End Developer

Nirav Chotai

Front End Developer

Victor Malmis

Front End Developer

Affiliated Partners

Ray Mancini

Founder, Good World Media

Jamie McKean

Marketing Technologist
Founder, Automating You

Kristen Boye

Founder, Holistic Writing Concepts

Jessie Maguire

Founder, JessieMaguire.com

John Salak

Public Relations & E-books
Founder, The Salak Group

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