This is about how Expert Secrets, the book by Russell Brunson, has helped me position my business helping integrative and functional medicine practitioners with their marketing and how you can use that knowledge to position yourself as the go-to choice in your community.

In his book, he talks about this concept of the opportunity switch that helps you market your business better. In the old days, people used to do marketing, and they just tried to sell people on just a better mousetrap. People are just not looking for a better mousetrap. They’re looking for an altogether better way to accomplish anything.

In your case as health practitioners, people are not looking more of the same what they get from allopathic, conventional, traditional healers. They want to have what you are practicing, integrative, holistic, functional medicine. That’s what we call an opportunity switch. Before, there’s only a certain way to address health, and that was to go to a practitioner, get a prescription pharmaceutical, and then follow the doctor’s orders. That was really all that the doctor asked of you.

Now you have a totally different way of addressing your patients’ health in a more natural way, leveraging lifestyle changes, and something that’s way more sustainable without prescription pharmaceuticals. That’s what we call the opportunity switch here that you have to invoke in your marketing.

So think about how what you do is different from what every other practitioner is doing in a conventional, traditional sense, and then leverage this and bring this out into the open. So I highly recommend that you read this book.

There are lots of other concepts in there that are useful among the tribe of the perfect 100. That means that you don’t actually have to appeal to 10,000s of people. You just have to have a core group of a hundred raving fans in your community to be seen as the go-to choice in your zip code.

You’re probably wondering why Russell Brunson is handing me a stack of money, but I really like Russell’s methodology. So we became one of the first ClickFunnel certified partners in 2015. During that certification event, they had a Funnel Hackathon where I took top prize out of 200 agencies helping a chiropractor rebuild his marketing funnel in 12 hours.

So I would love to do the same for you, so visit our website at for more tips and resources and guide and to sign up for a free strategy session to talk about your marketing needs and review your current website. 

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