Our Team

Nicole Villamora

Client Success Manager

Nicole developed and leads the Evolution of Medicine accountability groups to coach clients to gain clarity, develop implementation plans and increase motivation to joyfully reach their goals. She will deliver the same high-level coaching and problem solving to Big Boost Marketing clients. Nicole has a BFA in Photography, and has leveraged this medium to elevate her communication skills through storytelling, the production process and finding the intersection between personal story and shared experiences.

Nicole has honed her evaluation, organization, technology adoption and problem-solving skills through almost two decades in NYC working in the photography, media and publishing industries, and almost 8 years working in Investor Relations at a respected global private equity firm. In every role, Nicole has most enjoyed getting to know and encouraging people and working in teams. One of Nicole’s most effective strategies is her creative approach to generate enjoyment in the process and re-activate engagement, both are key for accomplishing complex tasks.

She is a certified health coach, a Reiki practitioner and is working through the Robbins-Madanes Training for certification as a Life Coach. Nicole is passionate about leading a purposeful life with optimal health and coaching others to do the same. She lives in Washington, DC.

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