2020 made most health practitioners realize the importance of “digital” – accelerating a shift towards more virtual care delivery options (telemedicine, online group programs, courses) and exposing the need to master social media, paid ads and webinars to fill their practice.

Yet with more businesses running FB ads for the first time, paired with the 2020 election season, marketing on Facebook can seem like a maddening riddle … prompting many health practitioners to sour on the platform.

Yes, reach for organic posts from FB pages and IG profiles is down… again.

Yes, robots indiscriminately denying ads, shutting down ad accounts or business managers… it’s a fact of life.

And no, I don’t see any other community platforms like Mighty Networks or MeWe taking FB’s place in the near term.

Which leads us to the question...

How do you make organic social media work?

I like how Tony Robbins puts it… “The key to success? Model the best.”

Enter Facebook Groups.

Not just since the start of the pandemic, FB Groups have provided the critical community aspect in social media marketing – people aren’t just surfing social media for more information, but looking for their tribe, their community online!

With people physically more isolated than ever due to lockdowns, people crave meaningful connections with like-minded health seekers on a similar journey.

FB groups can provide the safe space to educate, nurture and empower consumers looking to live their best, healthiest lives... if you do it right.

And that’s why I’ve invited five rockstar health practitioners to share with you how they’ve been using FB groups to both nurture their prospects AND fill their practice, online programs and courses.

On January 12, Drs. Lara Salyer, Tara Scott, Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, David Bennett and Buddy Touchinsky will reveal…

HOW to effectively launch your FB group (so that the right title attracts prospective patients on its own)

HOW to promote & fill the FB group (with free or low-cost strategies)

WHAT to post in the FB group to create engagement (and how to prime members to become patients)

WHAT health practitioners need to know to stay in compliance with their health-centric FB group

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🧲 Oh, and one more thing: When you register, I also send you my "FB Group Checklist" so you can assess what you already have in place, and what you may still need to add into the mix for a 🚀 thriving FB group.

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