Working with a lot of integrative practitioners, I often times find that they are amazing healers, amazing clinicians. I believe that they are the future of healthcare, at least when it comes to chronic disease. That can’t really happen if nobody knows what you do, how you operate, and what you do is maybe better than conventional care. In the absence of meeting you in person, your audience will use what you post on social media and your website as a substitute to determine if you are the one for them.

Attracting patients into your clinic or your practice is very similar to dating. There’s a courtship ritual so that they can get to know, love, and trust you enough to schedule that initial phone consultation or connect with you. What we know from dating is that you have to look the part, you have to say the right things, and you got to get their contact information. In the case of your website, that would be the email address. In dating, it’s obviously getting their phone number.

Most practitioners go about launching their website the wrong way. They hire a web designer to create something visually stunning, so check mark on looking the part. But then, they totally miss out on the other two pieces that are important to get to a first date with your patients. You got to say the right things and you got to get people’s contact information. What your website really needs is copy that’s patient centric. You can’t be talking about yourself, about your services, about how amazing you are. You got to really talk about what’s relevant to them. That’s ultimately what they pay you the money for, to solve their problems. We got to start with solving their problems and talk about the problems, so that they understand they are in the right place, and that you are the right one.

The last part is getting people’s contact information, so your website needs to have lead magnets, short e-books, checklists, recipe booklets, video series, etc, to get people into your ecosystem, onto your mailing list, because it’s not enough to just have a website. If you can’t deliver the next two to ten touchpoints to get them from a “no” to a “yes”, then your website is not really doing its job. You can’t really expect that people say “yes” to you on that first website visit, scheduling an appointment. We need to make sure we get their contact information first, get on a series of dates, and then we can pop the question to ask them to schedule an appointment for you.

How does it look like for you, creating a stunning website that says the right things and that collects people’s contact information? Well, we at Big Boost Marketing have created a service for integrative, naturopathic, and net functional medicine practitioners to give them not just the website design, but a fully loaded website, with 20 webpages, with 20 blog posts, with lead magnets, all the things that you would need. There’s a process that in week one, we’re sitting down, we collect your information to personalize the website. In week two and three, we’re actually rolling out the website for you with the content loaded. Then in week four, we sit down, review the website with you, and then you make a decision on if there is anything else to change.

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