Our Team

Jan Lewis

Chief Operations Officer

Jan is a savvy Operations and Project Management specialist with over 20 years of experience. She is an intuitive problem solver who thrives in dynamic environments that require new solutions to tough challenges. She wears many hats with ease, and her broad experience with business processes, project management, web development, marketing, accounting, customer service, and office administration make her an ideal fit for Operations Management. Jan prides herself on her resourcefulness and ability to creatively manage intimidating projects that aren’t straightforward. While her methods may sometimes be unconventional, they are always effective.

Prior to joining Big Boost Marketing, Jan has been successfully running small businesses since 2013, when she started her first agency offering virtual assistance and book marketing services to authors. During her tenure, she helped launch multiple New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers. She also worked as the Operations Manager for a web development firm until the owner retired and she took ownership of the company.

Jan considers herself a lifelong learner who is eager to continue mastering new skills. When she isn’t working, Jan enjoys musical theater and watching college football with her family.

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