You've heard me say this before... it's not enough to BE a great clinician and a great healer. It's also important to be KNOWN as one.

In this video, I'll highlight inbound and outbound functional medicine marketing – and explain their similarities and differences, so you can choose the right marketing mix for your practice.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Functional Medicine Marketing is any type of marketing where people seek you out, consume your content and eventually take action. Educational content marketing is definitely a form of inbound functional medicine marketing.

Examples of Inbound Marketing

✅ Youtube channel where people can binge-watch your content

✅ Website blog where you can cover relevant topics

✅ Facebook Group where people can join, engage with content inside

What is Outbound Marketing

Outbound functional medicine marketing is any type of marketing where you're actively reaching out to your ideal client prospects. Essentially, you are the one initiating the touchpoint and conversation with your audience.

Examples of Outbound Marketing

✅ Paid Advertising - usually done through Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads

✅ Radio and TV advertising - where you place ads on programs you think your target audience are following

✅ Postcard marketing - where you send snail mail coupons, announcements or other offers (think the annual teeth cleaning postcard from your dentist)

A Simple (But Effective) Outbound Marketing Tip

If you have a great video that's relevant to your audience, for instance "6 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat", you should run it as a Facebook Videoview ad. This strategy works especially well when you do local advertising (where you have a defined audience of no more than 500,000 prospects) – compared to advertising to an entire state, or even nationwide.

Not only are you delivering great value through your content marketing, but it also builds a list of prospects that have watched your video, and as such, can be retargeted based on that consumption criteria.

Why Use Inbound & Outbound Functional Medicine Marketing?

Ultimately, it's the content that you put out there that attracts a matching audience into your tribe. And if you want to drive results, you really have to think about the smartest and most predictable way to do it. Whether it's paid ads or Youtube video marketing, the end result should be people taking action and becoming your client – which requires a combination of both inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

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