Retargeting ads are a form of online ads that are only served to people who have already interacted with your practice brand… either by having visited your website or by having interacted with your content on social media.

As a result, retargeting ads are typically much more effective than regular ads that target a predominantly “cold” audience that hasn’t had any prior interaction with you and your brand.

How To Use Retargeting Ads To Grow Your Practice

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Pixel-based retargeting is a way to re-display your material to any anonymous site visitor: When a prospective patient visits your website, the Facebook tracking code (FB pixel) keeps track which pages they interact with, allowing you to specify in the Facebook Business Manager what page visits should trigger a retargeting ad, and what conditions should turn off the ad. So when they leave your site and scroll through Facebook, Facebook will serve specific ads based on the specific pages they visited on your website.

The other common trigger for retargeting ads is content on the FB platform itself: You can specify if page post engagements (PPE) – such as commenting, liking and sharing – should trigger a FB ad. Alternatively, you can also use video views as the triggering event.

What Goals Should You Have For Retargeting?

The two main types of retargeting campaigns to consider for your health practice are for (a) awareness and for (b) conversion.

Awareness campaigns are powerful to expose your website visitors to more of your content – for example, we use these types of ads to deliver relevant videos to those that have not yet opted-in for any of our lead magnets. The goal here is to get them to binge-watch our content so that they get to know, love and trust us.

On the other hand, conversion campaigns squarely focus on driving prospective patients to take the next step – such as opting in for a lead magnet, registering for a local workshop, or signing up for a Discovery Call. These types of ads have very measurable ROI… you can see exactly how much it costs to drive an action such as registering for a workshop.

How To Set Up A Retargeting Ad

Setting up a FB retargeting ad involves two distinct steps… first, defining the audience that should be “retargeted”, and second the actual ad that the targeted audience will encounter on Facebook. To see the process in action, watch this step-by-step video tutorial on how to set up FB Retargeting Ads for your medical practice!

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