In this video tutorial, I’ll share the one thing that will drastically improve the efficiency of your discovery consults - which has allow us to shorten calls by 66% while improving enrollment.

Discovery calls - you might call them strategy sessions, or breakthrough sessions - are the penultimate step in your patient acquisition process that started on social media. From social media, your tribe will explore your content on your website, and hopefully opt-in for your lead magnets and get on to your email list (I actually wrote an entire guide on how to attract, nurture and convert website visitors into paying clients, which you can download here).

Because health is inherently personal, and the provider - patient relationship is so critical, patients don’t just fork over their credit card and buy a consultation with you. For most of the integrative medicine practitioners we work with, it’s a 3-6 month packaged program for anywhere between $3,000-10,000... so it's only natural if prospect want to ensure they're making the right decision in partnering with you.

Now, before we made that one change in our client attraction process (that I discuss in the above video), our discovery calls typically took 75 minutes - it felt like pushing a boulder up a mountain. Lots of work!

But once we made the shift, we were able to shorten the sessions comfortably to 25 minutes, and more importantly, energetically, it felt like the boulder was already at the mountain top, and all we had to do was give it a quick push and it would roll downhill. Effortlessly.

So check out the video, and let me know what questions come up for you.

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How To Make Your Discovery Calls More Efficient