Let's face it, video is the most powerful medium to get your message across. The key thing to remember with video is that you need to look sharp on camera, as your audience subconsciously equates the quality of your video with the quality of your advice.

That's why in this video, I reveal my super-weapon to get the best out of your webcam!

Importance of Audio Quality

Now, before we get into the video part, let me be clear that great audio is probably even more important than great video quality because you can always layer on additional video footage and B-roll over your audio. But if you have bad audio quality, you're dead in the water. This is why investing in a good microphone should also be on your list (click here for my recommendations).

The Root Cause Of Poor Video Quality

A lot of practitioners have invested in an HD webcam (click here for my recommendations) but complain that the videos come out too overexposed or the colors are just not right. The way to fix that is with a camera settings app that allows you to adjust the exposure and color temperature - as I explain in this video.

Plus, I'll share my ninja tricks when it comes to producing video for YouTube (vs. Facebook)!

Download The Ultimate Video Guide To Rock Your Videos

If you want to get deeper into how to get the most out of video, I encourage you to download our ultimate video guide.

It's about how to do the camera setup, how to use tripods, lighting and teleprompters. Plus, I'll explain how to be more energetic in your videos and how to use hand gestures to be more animated on camera. Simply click here to download the interactive guide!

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