Working with integrative, naturopathic, and functional medicine practitioners, I always hear they are confused what to say in their Youtube videos, especially with videos designed to get their prospects' attention and have them take action.

In this video, we will discuss the structure of a compelling YouTube video to help you create connections with your patient prospects.

Empathy With A Hook

Every video starts with the introduction where you have to be clear why they need to watch the video... what's in it for them. Asking questions like "Have you experienced ____", "Are you suffering from ____" helps you set up the problem you will address later on in the video.

Orient Viewers

After the initial hook, it's time to quickly orient the viewer... especially those that don't know you yet. Briefly talk about the bigger mission of your practice and what you're passionate about. Then encourage people subscribe on Youtube and watch out for content you release on your channel.

Highlighting The Conventional Approach

For viewers to open their mind to new possibilitites (and new treatment approaches!), you have to first introduce the conventional approach to the problem... because unless they understand why the conventional approach hasn't worked for them, they can't appreciate a different approach.

Highlighting Your Approach

Once you've introduced the conventional approach to the problem, it's time to compare and contrast this with YOUR approach. As an integrative, naturopathic or functional medicine practitioner, this shouldn't be too hard to pull off. Try debunking myths that they've been following along and get them to look at their problem from your vantage point.

Call To Action

The last part of your Youtube video is the call to action. Talk about the next steps – which could be signing up for a discovery call or a lead magnet or watch other videos in your channel. You want to make sure that the next steps will be clear about what they need to do to move forward.

Check out the resources below to give you additional tips on how to create a strong call to action and some tech tips when you create your next video.

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How to Optimize Your Youtube Videos for SEO Guide

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