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How To Boost Consumer Confidence Into Your Practice

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: October 01, 2019

Are you making it easy for prospective patients to say YES to you? Are you presenting your value proposition in such a way that people are eager to get started on care, and evangelizing your amazingness to everyone that will listen to them? Or are you secretly sabotaging consumer confidence into you and your practice?

In this video, I want to cover four things to help you boost consumer trust and confidence into your services, and your practice. In many ways, better marketing is not about using more technology... but about conveying your message in a smarter way... addressing objections and boosting confidence.

The better you can articulate your unique value (and why you'll be able to help them even if they've failed before), the easier it is to create more consistent patient enrollment.

Why Are Patients Gun-Shy?

Let’s examine why patients are typically gun-shy to make a decision - before we talk about the four areas where you could instill more confidence:

  • First, there’s the cumulative impact of the past providers they have worked with. Clearly, if they are considering you, it’s safe to say that the previous providers have not been able to resolve their health issues, so they are sceptical about what you can do.
  • Second, their spouse and entire family might be questioning their decision as well, so to a prospect, they are taking on a lot of risk - emotionally and financially.
  • Finally, there’s the thought of sunk cost... at this point, they may be hesitant to invest even more, not wanting to throw good money after bad.

So how can you instill confidence in you and your services?

#1: Clearly Communicate Your USP

USP stands for unique selling proposition - that which makes you unique. For a prospect to even realize that they have options, they need to understand how your services and approach are unique... because unless they understand that, there’s no reason why they would even consider ditching their current health provider.

In this regard, you want to explain the unique mechanism of their problem. Why are they still sick after seeing all those providers? What is the root cause of their chronic wellness issues? How are they going about health restoration totally the wrong way?

This is where as an integrative medicine practitioner, you need to talk about root cause resolution, lifestyle medicine and how they can’t apply the acute care paradigm to chronic lifestyle-based diseases.

Next, you need to convey the unique mechanism of your solution: Why will your approach succeed where all other practitioners have failed before? What is the logical reason why your method will work? How is it different from anything that conventional medicine practitioners have tried before?

This is where you would talk about advanced lab testing, or your focus on restoring cellular health rather than treating disease, or removing that what makes people sick in the first place. Along with your proprietary signature process.

So, brainstorm how you could articulate your USP more powerfully, and whether you consistently embed your USP in your social media, your website and your email marketing.

#2: Your Signature Process

Whenever you name a process, you claim it... and by you claiming it, you establish confidence that there is a proven framework that predictably leads to the desired results. Your signature process, along with a declared niche, will assure your prospects that you are indeed the specialist that they’ve been looking for, and that you’re not just making things up as you go. You have so much confidence in getting patients results that you’ve created a process for it!

So if you haven’t created a signature solution, it might be time to formalize your process.

#3: Patient Testimonials/Case Studies

Testimonials are powerful proof that your process works, not just based on your claims, but based on patients just like them. That’s why it’s so important to create the right expectations in your clinic when patients come on board – you want them to know that you’d love a testimonial when they reach their health outcomes, and whether they would be cool with that. In addition, you can solicit feedback right after your onboarding process, which can often lead to unsolicited testimonials.

So if you’re not focused on creating remarkable experiences, and then collecting feedback, you’re missing a huge aspect to boost confidence in your practice.

#4: Consistency

You know what else creates confidence? Consistency. Consistency = Safety.

Why? People have been disappointed so many times that in today’s world, the person that is true to their word, that does what they promised, that is methodical and consistent - wins.

Patients care to work with someone that is dependable, consistent... that isn't flip-flopping on their message, their social media, their services, their actions or their look...

So when you’re looking at your practice branding, having a consistent look, consistent color schemes and consistent font goes a long way.

Other Confidence-Boosting Moves For Your Social Media & Website

  • Eliminate Broken Links: Nothing screams "inattention to detail" then a website with broken links. Use a free WordPress plugin like Broken Link Checker to keep you up-to-date.
  • Proofread: Going hand in hand with broken links, you should fix spelling mistakes and typos. It shows your attention to detail.
  • Keep Your Copyright Year Up-to-Date: Attention to detail is all I say.
  • Nix Autoplaying Audio/Video: Nothing is more jarring than an autoplaying video – so much so that some browsers like Google Chrome have now disabled autoplay by default.
  • Clean Up Your Logo: I don't think you need a custom-designed, professional logo.... but your logo needs to look sophisticated – check out stocklogo sites like Graphicriver for great-looking options that don't break the bank.
  • Get Press and Feature It: It's the concept of borrowed trust... if you were featured in mainstream press, you must be important.
  • Stay Above the Fray: Yes, there's trolls out there.... but don't engage. Simply ban them, and move on with your day. It's your house, you make the rules.
  • Invest In A Clean Website: If your website looks like it was designed in 2004, your audience may (falsely) assume that you haven't updated your clinical skills either. If you need help with your website, apply for one of our free strategy sessions so we can review your website and what you need to upgrade.

Next Steps

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