Our Team

Drew De Grado

Director of Business Development

Drew is a web designer and user experience specialist, holding a BFA in Graphic Design and Web Design from William Patterson University. Additionally, Drew brings years of experience running teams as a Digital Project Manager for large complex projects for Fortune 500 clients. This hybrid approach combined with his ability to listen for and understand the client’s vision, helps to deliver successful products and services. His graphic design background, combined with hands-on website development and coding skills, along with a project manager’s mindset allow him to have an insight into website design and Internet marketing unmatched.

Utilizing his creative artistic eye, technical attention to detail, and high level of energy, he brings an assortment of value to projects. While functionality is key when building digital properties, user experience is also paramount. Furthermore, Drew understands the holistic nature of Internet marketing and how it ties into the user experience. He strives to ensure the end result exemplifies the brand’s standards.

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