Why I don’t worry about traffic to my website, at least not as the very first thing when it comes to marketing. And what you have to understand is that there is a success equation.

Traffic times conversion equals success. If you push a bunch of traffic from Facebook, social media, paid sources to your website and your website is not optimized: you don’t look the part, it doesn’t say the right things and you’re not capturing people’s email address. The overall result will still be zero.

The analogy that I have is if you have a leaky bucket, are you going to pour more water in there or are you first fixing the holes and then pouring more water into it? What it really means is before you really start thinking about traffic to your website, let’s actually evaluate if you’re website is doing what it’s supposed to do, i.e. Does it look the part? Does it say the right things? Does it capture people’s email addresses? So that you had a shot at nurturing those people via email and video into actual patients.

So once that’s in place, then we can turn our attention to traffic and think about what do we have to communicate on social media, whether it’s paid or free social media, to get more people to our website.

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