If you want people to remark on your practice, then you need to create remarkable experiences.

Despite all my focus on marketing automation, it’s critical that you don’t forget the basics:

  • Deliver outstanding service… predictably & repeatable
  • Create remarkable transformations... consistently
  • Prime your patients to sing your praises… activate word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing!

When you think about it, ultimately, your marketing goes back to delivering amazing transformations that patients can’t stop talking about.

You see, after my functional medicine provider got me to go gluten-free earlier this year, I saw massive improvements within weeks… and so naturally, I am now a strong ambassador for her as well as for the power of functional medicine.

And I am sure you have the same kind of ambassadors among your patient base, right?

But it all starts by creating remarkable experiences that are decidedly different from what your prospective patients have experienced with their previous healthcare provider… as I explain in this video in detail.

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