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More Persuasive Ways To Get To YES
Don't Fall For This AI-Powered Cyber Threat

Are you aware of the latest cyber threat using very sophisticated AI tools? It just happened to one of our clients, so I want to share what happened as a public service announcement, so you can protect yourself. Plus, watch till the end where I'll share additional tips how to protect yourself from "phishing" attempts on Facebook.

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5 Things I Wish I Had Implemented Way Sooner In My Business

As healthcare professionals, we thrive on the success and well-being of our patients and clients. However, this often leads to a detrimental oversight – the neglect of our own business's health. In this article, I share 5 things I wish I had implemented way sooner...

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038: Building Your Dream Practice With Jennifer Wheeler

Discover the key ingredients needed to create a practice that you feel passionate about, that lights you up, and that supports how you want to live your life.

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037: Growing Your Business With One-Day Summits With Dr. Mark Wade

Virtual summits can work just as well on a much smaller scale, and that’s what I invited Dr. Mark T Wade on the podcast – to share what health practitioners need to consider when it comes to one-day summits.

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036: Launching & Growing A Successful Practice With Scott Rattigan

Scott Rattigan, co-founder of Origins Incubator and Functional Lawyer, unpacks what it takes to launch and grow a successful private practice in the integrative and functional medicine space.

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035: How To Better Coach Patients With Andrea Nakayama

There's a lot of overwhelm when patients experience health challenges… and oftentimes, health practitioners unknowingly add to the overwhelm. Discover how health providers can better coach their prospective clients...

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Our team is here to take care of your marketing strategy and technology, so you can focus on what you do best... helping patients create optimal health and resolve underlying issues.

As a trusted partner for many practitioners and organizations (like the Evolution of Medicine and the Institute For Functional Medicine), we know exactly what you need to create a consistent stream of patients.

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Practitioners need to leverage technology so they can spend their precious time with only those prospects that are ready to work with them in a 1-on-1 relationship.

That's why we developed our proprietary framework to help you attract, nurture and convert the right prospects into patients leveraging patient pipelines, text message marketing and detailed tracking.

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Unlike other web designers, our team has deep expertise so you don't have to explain what you need build... why not tap into our team's collective insights from working with many of today's top practitioners?

We have a proven all-in-one technology framework that replaces close to a dozen softwares such as ActiveCampaign, Clickfunnels, Calendly, Teachable, Kajabi, LeadQuizzes and more.

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