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How To Optimize Your Practice Marketing

Discovery the 3 pieces that you need to consider BEFORE you work on your actual marketing funnel – things that most practitioners unknowingly skip over, only to wonder why their marketing is not connecting despite their best intentions and efforts.

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8 Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked On Social Media

Wondering how to keep your social media accounts and passwords safe from hackers? In this video, I’ll share tips and best practices to protect your accounts and avoid having to deal with the resulting nightmare when you get hacked.

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How To Use Retargeting Ads To Grow Your Practice

Retargeting ads are among the highest converting ads because they focus on an audience that already knows you. In this video, I’ll share the 3 types of retargeting ads every integrative, naturopathic and functional medicine practice should run.

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Choosing The Right Email CRM For Your Practice

As a marketing technologist serving the integrative, naturopathic and functional medicine provider community, I frequently have to weigh in on a provider’s “tech stack”… discover my top recommendations for email CRMs.

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Assessing Your Blind Spots

Check out this brand new practice marketing assessment that helps you pinpoint where you’re lagging, where you may need to devote more attention and what steps you may need to take.

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