Social media is such a critical part of marketing your practice these days, making it extremely important that you keep your accounts safe. Imagine if someone gained access to your accounts?

No doubt a devastating situation, and yet a recent spate of instagram account hacks clearly demonstrates that practitioners need to beef up security practices to ensure their accounts stay safe.

In this video, I’ll share tips and best practices to protect your accounts so you can avoid having to deal with the resulting nightmare when you get hacked.

Best Practices

  • Limit Number Of People With Access – Review who should have access to your account passwords in the first place. This includes team members, contractors, web developers and social media agencies. Don’t forget to change passwords after your website has been built.
  • Pick Better Answers For Security Questions – Oftentimes, social media accounts get hacked because of weak answers to security questions, not by hacking the password itself. Yes, sometimes companies use weak security questions, but don’t feel like you have to give truthful answers that would be easy to guess.
  • Pick More Complicated Passwords – Going hand in hand with strong answers to security questions, you should also pick strong passwords that are not easy to guess.
  • Change Passwords Periodically (Ideally Every 90 Days) – Some sites force password-resets every 90 days, but this is one of typically overlooked best practices.
  • Use Unique Passwords For Each Site – Using the same password for all your sites is probably the biggest threat that can impact getting your social media accounts compromised. This has especially severe implications when a security breach happens at a company that allows hackers to compromise even more accounts.
  • Transmit Passwords Securely – Assuming that you picked secure passwords, be sure to not compromise passwords by carelessly sharing them through email. Instead share them securely through password management apps or by using different media.

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