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For most health practitioners, marketing and sales don’t come natural. It’s not something that was covered in their training, and as a healer, all they want to do, is practice their clinical craft, helping people.

But, unless you take care of the health of your practice, you might not stay in business for too long… and a key skill to master is marketing.

So let’s reframe this whole business of marketing.

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We realize that most practitioners are great clinicians, but have little training in practice marketing and that’s why we have created a free training, 10 Ways in 10 Days To Better Practice Marketing.

The program is designed to give you 10 short video clips over the next 10 days to get you up to speed on what we call a patient acquisition funnel – helping you attract, nurture and convert the right prospects into actual patients, and provide you with actionable advice, cheatsheets and guides.

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