Video is arguably the most important medium in order to influence consumers' perception... due to its combination of visual and auditory cues.

Previously, I talked about the seven ways how you should use online video in your practice, but what I didn't talk about is how to use video as lead magnet.

That's why in this video, we are going to talk about why you should consider using video lead magnets – not only to build your email list but also build connections with your prospects.

Why Do You Need Lead Magnets?

The reason why you need lead magnets is because you need to build an email list to attract, nurture and eventually enroll patients into your care.

And if you need to generate discovery calls, these discovery calls have to come from somewhere. This is why you need to get prospects first onto your email list and from there on, nurture them enough that they actually understand the value of partnering with you on their care.

What I Learned About Creating Lead Magnets

Last year, during COVID, I created a lead magnet on "how to get started with telemedicine"... thinking that this is a lead magnet that everyone would want. I created it, put all the effort in. In the end, only 10 people downloaded it. So all the time I spent in creating and perfecting it didn't really translate into more opt-ins.

What I learned is that the most important thing is to quickly create + publish lead magnets, so you can rapidly test whether those lead magnets have legs. And if they do, you can then perfect your lead magnets.

The Better Way To Create Lead Magnets

That's why we employed a concept at the Evolution of Medicine back in 2016 where James Maskell was creating all kinds of videos. It just took him 6 - 10 minutes to create those videos as lead magnets. We then tested which video lead magnets generated opt-ins and which ones did not.

If you want to see an example in action, you can watch my my video on preeminence.

Download The Ultimate Video Guide To Rock Your Videos

If you want to get deeper into how to get the most out of video, I encourage you to download our ultimate video guide... it's about how to do the camera setup, how to use tripods, lighting and teleprompters. Plus, I'll explain how to be more energetic in your videos and how to use hand gestures to be more animated on camera.

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