Affiliate Registration


Thank you for your interest in the Big Boost Marketing (BBM) affiliate program. The following highlights the agreement between you and Big Boost Marketing LLC. Upon creating your affiliate account, you will receive a welcome email with relevant information to access your affiliate center account and promotional materials. Additionally, someone from our team will contact you to answer any questions.

The Big Boost Marketing program is promoted throughout the year.

As an Affiliate, you can promote the program to your email list, on your website, through your social media channels (or through whatever channels have been agreed upon), encouraging your subscribers and followers to register for program.

Sample emails, Facebook and Twitter posts, banners, logos and other graphics will be provided to make your promotion quick and easy. You should use these materials to create your email outreach and social media campaigns. Your list will remain confidential; BBM will not have access to it.

You will receive a unique promotional link to include with your announcements. This link should be included in ALL your outreach; include it in emails and social media posts. This link is how your community will register for any BBM resources, products and services and it will always tag them to you. This is how we track your commissions. Commissions will be paid out via paypal within 45-60 days after the 30-day money-back guarantee has expired — for example, commissions for any sales in the month of March will be sent out on June 1.

Welcome to the BBM family!

Affiliate Next Steps

After submitting your application, you will receive an email containing your unique URL code. Use this code in all your email outreach and social media communications. It’s what will track your followers when they register for Big Boost Marketing resources, optins, products or services.

You will have access to an Affiliate Resource Center, providing sample email copy, a recommended promotion schedule, and graphics, – all of which will make for a turn-key outreach program.

Affiliate Registration Form

  • Affiliates earn a 5% percentage commission on sales of all Big Boost Marketing products and services.
  • All commissions will be paid out only via paypal.
  • First referrer gets credited the referral.
  • Whenever a referral opts in, they will hard-coded to the affiliate.
  • Referral cookies (tracking those that click affiliate link but do not opt in) expire after 90 days.
  • Please review full affiliate agreement.