Video is one of the key tools that you need to have in your practice marketing because it serves a dual role:

On one hand, video conveys information that your audience needs, while on the other hand, it simultaneously builds connection and trust. So in this video, we are going to talk about the four "MUST-HAVE" videos that you need for your practice!

#1: Your "About" video

This video introduces your mission and your brand. It should explain what makes you different from conventional practitioners as well as other integrative, naturopathic, or functional medicine practitioners.

#2: "Thank You" Video

This video is usually the video that people see after they opted in for your lead magnets. The key thing about this video is that this is essentially the equivalent of you going on a first date. So you want to put your best foot forward.

#3: "Appointment Application" Video

Ultimately, the goal is to get people into a discovery call. That's why you need a video that orients people who this discovery call is for and what to expect... before they fill out the application form!

#4: "Practice Introduction" Video

This is the video that people get to see after they scheduled their discovery call, giving them an overview of your practice, your services and how you work with prospects. Plus, this video can also be turned into a stand-alone on-demand webinar as I explain in the video.

These four videos are key to make your practice more efficient in educating your audience ahead of time about you, your practice, programs and how can they get the most out of the discovery call.

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