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3 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Practice Website

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: September 22, 2019

As as a marketing specialist in the integrative medicine arena, I have a very unique perspective on what it takes for integrative health practitioners get their practice website make the right first impression with prospective patients.

Over the last 2 years alone, I have reviewed over 1200 practitioner websites, and I've found the same three key mistakes over and over. That's why in this article, I'll discuss how to avoid these mistakes in the first place, and how to resolve these issues on your site.

Now, be sure to read this article to the end with specific instructions and resources on creating a better website, as well as my list of questions to ask before you hire your web designer.

In my view, the #1 goal of your practice website is to convert a website visitor into an email subscriber - not to convert a website visitor into a phone consult... and here's why:

We know that 98% of your website visitors are likely not yet ready to schedule a phone consult (or a paid appointment), so rather than focusing all your effort on convincing the 2% to schedule a phone consult (which they would have anyway without much prodding)... how about focusing on nurturing the 98% to schedule a phone consult?

We know that it takes a series of 7-10 touch points to go from a “No, not right now”, to a “Heck YASS”.

But, unless you have their email, you cannot follow up with them and continue the conversation!

That's why you should employ the same lessons from dating to marketing your practice...

#1: Your Website Needs To Look The Part

Just like in dating, people are visual, and evaluate each other based on how they look. So, if your website doesn't look up to par and outdated, it will hamper your ability to make a great first impression.

  • Does your website look up-to-date, modern? If your website looks like it was designed in 2004, your website visitors could (falsely?) assume that you haven't updated your clinical knowledge either. Yikes!
  • You don't have to update your website each year, but you have to generally stay in the realm of what consumers consider "modern, up-to-date".
  • Click here and here for two of our example websites that are easy to comprehend, easy to navigate with just the right content
  • Make your website "skimmable"... consumers don't like to read dense copy. Use lists, graphics, and "teaser content" to help people get the gist and dig deeper into your site.
  • Ensure that your blog category pages use what’s called a "masonry-style display" (vs. the standard blog category display)... allowing them to quickly explore a larger number of blog posts.
  • Ideally, incorporate videos to get your content across in a more engaging way... building preeminence in the process
  • Ensure your site is optimized for mobile/speed (you can use speed testing tools like Pingdom, GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights)
  • Ensure your website designer uses a visual builder (ideally DIVI or Elementor) so you can modify it

#2: You Need To Talk About The Right Things

At this stage, when a patient with chronic disease comes to your website, they're not necessarily ready to "transact"... they are merely exploring their next steps. In fact, 98% of your website visitors fall into this second category.

They might have worked with many practitioners before, many of which have told them "it's all in your head", "it's just aging", or otherwise have been unable to help them get their health issues resolved.

So, how do you show these prospects how you're different, and why working with you will finally get them the desired health results? How do you overcome their healthy scepticism?

  • If they're not ready to set up a paid appointment with you, we need to meet them where they're at. It starts with being very clear about what the problem is that you can help them resolve, what is the problem that they are willing to pay to have resolved.
  • At this point, don't focus on your services, your credentials, your training... instead, show them you understand their health issues, show them the reason why they are experiencing these issues, and show them your unique approach to address the health issue reliably.
  • This is not the time to go deep into the science and the exact healing process… it’s about talking about the destination you’ll take them
  • When you’re working with a web designer, make sure you’re also getting the strategic consulting on how to market your practice, not just build a website. In fact, click here for my video going over the questions you should be asking before hiring a web designer.

#3: You Need To Capture Their Contact Info

Just like in dating... unless you have their contact info... there’s not gonna be a first date! Or marriage.

So for me, the goal of your practice website is to ensure above all that you get their email address!

Yet I see so many integrative health practitioners that either have nothing on their website to capture visitors' email address at all or using a "newsletter signup".

And because they don't grow their email list, they're not nurturing prospects – so it becomes impossible to generate a consistent stream of pre-educated prospects scheduling phone consults.

  • Ditch the "newsletter" signup in favor of an ultra-targeted lead magnet (click here for my step-by-step guide on creating a high-converting lead magnet)
  • As part of our services at Big Boost Marketing, we offer an "optin funnel" package that can be added to any website – that provides 2 pre-written, customizable lead magnet reports (choose from 22 available ones!), along with the needed landing pages, thankyou page and nurture email sequence. Plus, we also include Facebook ads to promote your lead magnets. To learn more, apply for a free strategy session with our team!
  • Promote your lead magnets in a variety of ways, including your website's main navigation, your homepage (and other key pages), as well as your blog post sidebar. The more places you can feature your lead magnets, the better.

6 Factors For Your Practice Website To "Take Off"

6 Factors To Get Your Website To Take Off


  • Value Proposition: Does your website showcase a compelling value proposition that clearly explains how your practice is different from conventional medicine, so that prospects recognize the alternative choice in front of them?
  • Boost Relevance: Does your website delivers on what your prospect expect... does it match their needs and feelings?
  • Boost Clarity: Does your website clearly communicate your Unique Mechanism (that what makes your unique approach work where others have failed)? Do the visuals, copywriting and calls to actions support each other?
  • Invoke Urgency: Is your website mirroring back your prospect's internal urgency and featuring "must-have" lead magnets?
  • Minimize Distraction: How well is your website content optimized to capture your visitor's email address?
  • Minimize Anxiety: Does your website minimize any elements that could induce anxiety, causing your prospects not to take the desired action?

Recommended Resources

  • Website Platform: We strongly recommend WordPress over Squarespace, Wix, Weebly – when you use a visual theme builder like DIVI or Elementor it's just as easy to modify, and WordPress gives you full options as your marketing needs grow.
  • Key WordPress Plugins: Akismet, Social Warfare, Updraft Plus Backup, WP Fastest Cache, WPForms Lite, YoastSEO
  • Stock Logos: Rather than hiring a designer through Fiverr or Upwork to design a custom logo, purchase a stock logo and customize the colors. Nobody will remember what your logo is anyways!
  • Web Hosting: We've been assisting clients since 1998 with their webhosting... so we have literally worked with dozens and dozens of providers. Yet, we always come back to 1and1/ionos and Siteground as the best blend of cost, customer service, features and speed.
  • Other Questions: If you have other questions about marketing technology, post your questions in our free Facebook group or apply for a free strategy session with our team to discuss any stumbling blocks that stand in the way of creating a high-performing website for your practice.
  • Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Designer: Join our free training to learn about the questions you should ask before hiring a web designer/web developer/marketing agency.

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Uli Iserloh
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