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030: How To Get More "YES" Through Storytelling With Kyle Gray

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: April 19, 2023
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Many experts tend to struggle with relaying information in a way that is relatable and understandable to their audience. It’s one thing to know how to solve a problem, but it’s another to actually be able to connect emotionally with people and influence them to want to work with you. 

So how do you persuade people that you can actually help them, so that they will say "yes" to working with you?

In this episode, Kyle discusses how to better utilize the ancient technology of storytelling to get your messages across to really empathize with your chosen audience.

There are certain key elements to effective storytelling and once you learn these elements, you can draw from your own life experiences to share stories that convey your message in a way that can be universally understood. 

“We need to be able to connect with people emotionally. Because if we can't do that, then everything, all of the brilliant things that you have to say, are going in one ear and out the other,” explains Kyle Gray, world-class presentation coach, story strategist and author. 


  • “This is an ancient technology, maybe the most ancient technology, is storytelling. And it's a very specific formula that allows us to resonate and understand and remember things.” (7:01-7:15 | Kyle)
  • “The trick here is to get to these moments and use your client's words to tell your story. And even though the story is about you, your clients are going to experience it as if they're experiencing their own life, and they get to walk through your experience to see how you came to the solution.” (10:27-10:46 | Kyle)
  • “We need to be able to connect with them emotionally, because if we can't do that, then everything, all of the brilliant things that you have to say, are going in one ear and out the other.” (11:33-11:42 | Kyle)
  • “Instead of trying to teach us how to solve a problem, really focus your teaching on overcoming those beliefs and objections to get them open to it.” (15:38-15:49 | Kyle)
  • “It's your responsibility to learn how to communicate in this way, and it's not good enough to just be able to solve the problem.” (28:05-28:15 | Kyle)
  • “One story could really change your life and change so many other people's lives.” (28:32-28:37 | Kyle)

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