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027: Ditch Your Camera Jitters With Jennifer Iserloh

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: March 28, 2023
Ditch Your Camera Jitters

Public speaking and being on camera can be a daunting experience for many – and even more so for introverts that feel input, emotions and anxiety even more acutely.

Add to this the primal fear people experience of being judged by their peers, and you have a perfect explanation why so many amazing healers face seemingly insurmountable "jitters" when it comes to appearing on-camera.

In this episode, Jennifer Iserloh, a professionally trained chef, functional wellness expert and media coach, shares her journey of overcoming camera fears and offers guidance on how to become comfortable in front of the camera.

She shares the experience of her very first TV appearance on The Today Show and the techniques she has since used to master on-camera work for 1000s of videos.

She emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between being an authority figure and being approachable, as well as practicing relaxation techniques like breathwork to calm nerves before going on camera.

As part of her media coaching approach for health practitioners, she recommends a 7-day challenge for practitioners to record themselves daily, review the footage for feedback, and practice techniques like camera yoga and lip fluttering to help loosen up. She also highlights the significance of body language, facial expressions, audio quality, and consistency in videos.

Tune in for many practical tips to become a more persuasive communicator on-camera, and reach out to Jennifer to learn more about private 1-on-1 media coaching.


  • “Being on camera and doing a great job on camera is a skill that you need to develop. ” (4:36-4:41 | Jennifer Iserloh)
  • “Once you start to hone your camera skills, it's not only just getting over the jitters, it's also about dealing with the messaging and finding a friendly way to connect with people.” (8:56-9:06 | Jennifer Iserloh)
  • “At the end of the day, they don't really care about all the diplomas you have on the wall. They wanna know: A, you can solve their problem. B, you're gonna be sympathetic to them. And it has to have those two pieces” (10:47-10:55 | Jennifer Iserloh)
  • “Any video is better than no video because you may say something that speaks so deeply to someone that could literally unlock their healing journey.” (17:02-17:11 | Jennifer Iserloh)

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