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026: Creating A Flow-Channeled Culture With Dr. Lara Salyer

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: March 21, 2023

This week, I am welcoming back Dr. Lara Salyer on the Getting To YES podcast to talk about practical ways to create a flow-channelled workplace culture.

You see, burnout is a prevalent issue in the healthcare industry... with a majority of practitioners experiencing its negative effects.

That’s why Dr. Lara Salyer introduced the concept of a “flow-channeled workplace culture," which combines flow with anti-burnout strategies to create a healthier work environment for healthcare professionals (and entrepreneurs alike).

We discussed the importance of adopting a catalyst culture, the AHA (Anchor, Highlight, Activate) framework to retro-engineer burnout, and the role of artificial intelligence and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in minimizing burnout and increasing practitioner effectiveness.

And if you haven’t met Lara Salyer before… she’s a functional medicine DO with extensive leadership training at the Flow Research Collective – and she’s also the host of THE CATALYST podcast, she’s written a memoir Right Brain Rescue.



  • "One of my core values is efficiency, and not in the hyper productivity way, but the fact that I'm only going to say YES to things that absolutely matter to me." (06:06-06:15 | Dr. Lara Salyer)
  • "When you are a happier practitioner, you're going to attract patients differently. You're going to also see better outcomes. You're going to attract patients that understand and respect the culture that you're setting." (07:46-07:59 | Dr. Lara Salyer)
  • "If you're in a brick and mortar practice, there's a lot you can do to create a psychologically safe environment. You can have common language and shared values with your staff. You can have these repeatedly talked about, almost like a drum beating culture that this is what we believe." (25:03-25:19 | Dr. Lara Salyer)
  • "I am on a mission to teach a million health professionals how they can tap into flow so that they can regain that autonomy and be more joyful and have fun in medicine again, and less burnout." (30:10-30:21 | Dr. Lara Salyer)

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