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024: Building A Personal Brand With Mike Kim

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: March 06, 2023
Building A Personal Brand

Super excited about this week's podcast episode on the importance of personal branding in a world soon dominated by AI-powered marketing.

That's exactly why I invited my dear friend Mike Kim – author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book "You Are The Brand" and a sought-after speaker, online educator and brand strategist.

Mike believes that marketing isn't about closing a sale... it's about opening a relationship – so in this episode, Mike shared his predictions on how AI-tools like ChatGPT will disrupt marketing (and what to focus on right now).

Listen to the podcast to also discover...

  • What should people do first when building a brand identity?
  • The 3 sub-identities of every brand, and the breakdown of what Mike did to grow his business and brand presence.
  • How can a brand really say something that’s unique when there’s so much noise out there and everyone really tends to sound the same?
  • Mike shared his CopyProof framework with the 5 kinds of marketing voices today, with examples.
  • How does ChatGPT and other AI tools change how people build a personal brand?

Enjoy the episode!


  • “Our value as personal brands and as experts in our industry, is that we are going to become trust filters for people.” (03:31-3:39 | Mike)
  • “If GPT and all these other things make written content somewhat easier and or maybe even more obsolete down the road, you've got to be in front of the camera and let people see you.” (8:01-8:09 | Mike)
  • “Informational content won't be as much of a differentiator. But I think what will set people apart is the inspirational content, stuff that's more full of your own personality, your quirks, your stories.” (11:25-11:36 | Mike)
  • “What technology forces people to do more than anything is, at least in the expert industry, we're going to have to band together and build communities.” (29:17-29:23 | Mike)

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