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017: The Secret To Delegating Successfully With Karla Singson

Published By: Uli Iserloh
Date: January 17, 2023

Let's face it, there's never enough time in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list...

...but what if you could buy back time?

That's the core premise behind delegating tasks, either internally or outsourcing externally. 

Over the last few years, my friend Karla Singson has become my secret weapon to help with either hiring the right talent for my company or through outsourcing task outright through her company Scalewind.

Given her experience delegating and outsourcing, I asked her to come on the podcast and share her best tips to delegate effectively and successfully.

“The reason why people fail in delegating or outsourcing is not because they didn't have the money or the business... it's usually missed expectations,” explains Karla:

  • The pivotal secret to delegating successfully is creating proper standardized operating procedures, aka SOPs. Using these SOPs to explain even the most minuscule details of your processes is critical to ensure that any person can learn how to do it, no matter the circumstances.
  • When you have documentation of your company’s procedures, whether, through a recorded Loom video or google doc, your virtual assistants can take over these tasks confidently.
  • By giving your employees/team members the resources to succeed, you empower them and demonstrate that you trust them with your company’s vision. If your team truly understands how their work matters and that they have a voice, you can obtain crucial feedback and discover better ways to improve your business overall.

Listen for specifics on how to become better at delegating, so your team gives you the desired peace of mind that things got done on time, on spec.


  • “If you're a visionary, and you have so many ideas for growth, you can just have people ready to take on the job and a management team to take care of your KPIs.” (6:35-6:46 | Karla) 
  • “The reason why people fail in delegating or outsourcing is not that they don't have the money or the business. It's usually missed expectations.” (7:36-7:48 | Karla)
  • “The mindset you should have is, if your virtual assistant or employee contractor has to be out for a medical emergency, you need to be able to pass this on to someone else.” (15:23-15:36 | Karla)
  • “If you hire an outsourcing company like us, someone can help you. But if you're doing this yourself, overdo it. It's always better to overdo the preparation than not to do it enough.” (16:13-16:24 | Karla)


Check out Karla’s free guide with the “Top 10 Mistakes that People Make when Hiring a VA”. Over a decade of experience and hundreds of hires across different businesses, Karla and her team have come up with ways to avoid these mistakes, and what to do instead— a.k.a. their best practices.

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