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Sick of chasing for new patients? Tired of always hustling to explain “functional” medicine and not having the cash flow and freedom you want?

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You Have Big Goals, Inspiring Dreams, And A Lot Of Ambition

But you’ve probably realized that building a successful health practice isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

  • Do you want to attract more ideal clients, but don’t know how?
  • Is your social media not getting traction?
  • Do you need help articulating a clear vision for your practice?
  • Do you struggle to nurture & enroll new patients?
  • Does all of today’s fancy marketing technology make your brain hurt?
  • Could you use a guide who can show you the ropes?

Then We Can Help You

I’ve been exactly where you are. I understand your frustrations. I know where you’re stuck, and I know exactly how to help you move forward…

  • Over the past 5 years, me and my team have helped hundreds of integrative health practitioners launch their websites & systematize their practice marketing.
  • I’ve personally consulted for many of today’s Functional Medicine leaders, including the Institute For Functional Medicine.
  • As part of the Evolution of Medicine team, I’ve co-created the industry’s leading Practice Accelerator and Practice Marketing Implementer courses.
  • During the Sacred Plant docuseries launch, my team orchestrated an email campaign with over 10.8 million sends over a 3-month span.
  • And unlike many marketers, I speak “functional medicine” fluently.

Here’s What Leaders Say About Big Boost

Sachin Patel, DC
Founder, Living Proof Institute

James Maskell – Founder & CEO
Evolution of Medicine & Knew Health

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A Smarter Approach To Your Practice Marketing

Eliminate tech overwhelm, resolve nagging marketing problems, and tap into our
step-by-step approach to build and grow your practice when you partner with the Big Boost team.

Fully-Loaded Practice Websites

Unlike other web designers, our team is “fluent in Functional Medicine” – providing integrative medicine practitioners with the tools and prewritten content for their website to be seen as the “go-to” choice in their community.

Niche-Specific Patient Acquisition Funnels

Deploy an automated email marketing sequence to attract, nurture and enroll more of your ideal patients – while building your authority as a trusted health expert in your community. From “lead magnets” to video to copy – we’ve got you covered.

Metabolic Reset
Signature Program

Looking to add a proven signature program to improve your practice’s cash flow in the next 60 days? Then check out our “Metabolic Reset Program In A Box” – a comprehensive, functional-medicine compliant system in use by dozens of clients.

Test, Don’t Guess:
How Healthy Is Your Practice Marketing?

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In Our Clients Own Words…

Andrea Nakayama – Founder & CEO
Holistic Nutrition Lab & Functional Nutrition Alliance

Tara Scott, MD
Revitalize Medical Group, Akron/OH

Michael Kaye, DC
The Center For Functional Health, Sellersville/PA

Dan Trussler, DC
Ancestral Health, Tiptree/Essex, UK

Sachin Patel, DC
Founder, Living Proof Institute

Sara DeFrancesco ND, LAc
Thriving Force, Portland/OR

James Maskell – Founder & CEO
Evolution of Medicine & Knew Health

Mary Pellicer
Nourish Nurture Heal

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